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Hub membership entitles organisations to certain benefits and runs on a year to year basis. For more information on becoming a member click here.

Sincere thanks go to all our member organisations for enabling the Hub to effectively engage with the community through STEM.

Hunter Valley Electric Vehicle Festival
Hunter Valley Electric Vehicle Festival

The Hunter Valley Electric Vehicle Festival 'EVFest' is all about thinking of sustainable transport in fun and innovative ways that support the development of electric vehicle industries in the region

We initiated the Hunter Valley Electric Vehicle Festival (HVEVF) in 2011 with a view to enhancing interest in clean energy transport in the region. The two major foci of the festival are
• To encourage and attract more school students into careers in science and engineering
• And to stimulate clean energy manufacturing in the region. Electric vehicles are part of the cleantech revolution and so also provide a basis to engage audiences with discussions on environmental and energy security issues and well as social aspects of change
The strategic task of EV Fest is to engage the community in new and innovative futures for transport, promote regional innovation and industry development, as well as providing a fun and hands on platform for building capability and career directions for regional youth.

How does your organisation link with STEM
The Hunter Valley Electric Vehicle Festival (HVEVF) is aimed at encouraging and attracting more school students into careers in science and engineering, through involvement in construction of competition electric vehicles. The electric vehicle racing platform is novel and ideal for science engagement. It allows us to access new audiences through family, community and online social networks in a fun format that places science literacy in an immediate and positive context. The electric vehicle platform is a fun basis to explore physics, chemistry, engineering and mathematics as well as emerging sciences such as nanotechnology, which is the basis for all recent improvements in battery technology

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?
To become a partner in this dynamic umbrella organisation made up of like minded individuals

Suite 3D1, 45 Hunter Street, Newcastle, NSW 2300
 Contact: Rob Stewart

Singleton Council
Singleton Public Library

Singleton Public Library offers access to information and resources both onsite and online, hosting a dynamic range of public programs including exhibitions, workshops, talks, tours and social groups.

Singleton Public Library is a progressive country library service that provides an environment for lifelong learning by working together with the community to make available responsive services that inform, educate and enrich the lives of the people of Singleton. We have an active membership of 10,000 with 110,000 annual visitors and services a regional community of 21,937 people spread across an area of 4,893 kilometres.Membership is free and available to all ages. The library supplies free access to the internet through a bank of computers, and free Wi-Fi is also available.

How does your organisation link with STEM
The library works closely with local schools to support and enhance learning outcomes. We have for instance engaged the services of Ruben Meerman ‘The Surfing Scientist’ to visit local schools. We support HSC students studying in the lead up to exams by supplying Maths and Science tutors and staying open additional hours. The library runs a Lego robotics program as both an in-house and outreach resource.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?
We were advised to by a hub member who presented a workshop for us. The networking and access to funding sources makes membership worthwhile.

 8-10 Queen Street Singleton NSW 2330
 6578 7500
 Contact: Rob Stewart

Hunter Region Botanic Gardens
Hunter Region Botanic Gardens

The Hunter Region Botanic Gardens is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers that showcases a wide variety of native and other plant communities in a 133-hectare bushland setting at Heatherbrae.

Located just off the Pacific Highway at Heatherbrae, HRBG maintains an extensive living collection of mostly Australian native plants including acacias, banksias, proteas, grevilleas, ferns, bush tucker plants, succulents and palms. Our herbarium conserves over 10,000 individual native plant species (mostly from the Hunter region) that acts as a valuable botanical resource. To welcome visitors, the Gardens has a Visitors Centre, indoor and outdoor cafe, gift shop, art gallery, reference library and picnic areas. Walks and excursions are regularly organised and there is a program of special events including Children’s Discovery Day.

How does your organisation link with STEM
HRBG acts as a botanical resource and education centre dedicated to the preservation of Australian native flora.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?
Both HISH and HRBG share complementary goals: the celebration and sharing of science-related knowledge with the general community.

2100 Pacific Highway, Heatherbrae NSW 2324
02 49871655 OR 02 49871440
 Contact: Jennifer Mason

Geological Survey of New South Wales

The Geological Survey of NSW (GSNSW) is part of the NSW Department of Industry and is the oldest agency in NSW Government, being continuously active since 1875.

GSNSW collects and manages geological, geophysical, geochemical and geospatial data to inform government, the resource industry and community about the state’s geology, and mineral, coal, petroleum and renewable energy resources. It also promotes the safe and sustainable development of mineral and energy resources for the benefit of all NSW citizens.

How does your organisation link with STEM
The GSNSW plays a key role in the development of the NSW economy, creating a foundation for resource discovery by providing high quality geoscience information and research, as well as attracting new investment in the states mining and exploration industry. Geoscience and technology (including mapping, geophysics and other remote sensing, geochemical analysis and processing, 3D modelling, palaeontology) are the basis of our work.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?
To engage with other local science organisations and look for opportunities to collaborate on public events and cross-promote our work. Also to learn about promotion and marketing.

 Maitland, NSW 2320
 Contact: Simone Meakin

hunter pi in the sci
Hunter π in the Sci

Increase the profile and understanding of science and technology in the local community.

The group was formed to encourage a greater understanding of science and technology by discussing science issues with experts in the field. Our members meet on the 2nd Tuesday of month in East Maitland Library at Green Hills between 4.30-6.30pm. The membership, about 50 people, has a diverse background generally with little specialist scientific knowledge. All meetings are open for the public and normally about 25 people attend. Topics which have been discussed range from gravitational waves, neuroplasticity, nuclear radiation to mathematics. The group also undertakes site visits to scientific facilities. The group have committed to provide an annual education scholarship to a local student interested in STEM subjects and career in science and technology which is to be funded by members’ door fee donation.

How does your organisation link with STEM
The group was formed to develop a greater community awareness of the role of science and STEM subjects in creating the future. All meetings are focussed on these issues and the group intends to support STEM education through an educational scholarship.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?
HISH membership provides communication with the scientific and technological community and gives access to Hunter science events.

East Maitland, 2323
0429 332381
 Contact: Alan Lowson

Uni LOGO_Square
University of Newcastle

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is a world-class centre for scientific and technology research and innovation. Through our strong discipline-based research and active inter-disciplinary engagement, both nationally and internationally, we are at the forefront of research and development in a broad range of fields. Our research strengths lie in the key areas of industry and infrastructure, sustainability and the environment, and health and wellbeing. Our Faculty is made up of 4 schools that push for excellence in all areas and have contributed to the University being ranked in the top 250 universities in the world*. *QS World University Rankings 2016

How does your organisation link with STEM
With impressive research and teaching facilities, the Faculty of Science delivers degree programs across the key areas of science, maths, psychology, sport and exercise, food and nutrition, and development studies. The Faculty works in partnership with local industry, health services, and government and non-government organisations to optimise achievements in teaching and research.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?
The Faculty of Science at the University of Newcastle joined the Hunter Science Hub so that we could be across all the latest developments in the STEM space. Not only is the hub great for making contacts in the industry, but it has also allowed us to collaborate with other members of the hub on various events and initiatives relating to science.

Callaghan, 2308
 Contact: Karen Digby

Lake Mac City Council
Lake Macquarie City Council

Lake Macquarie City Council runs an annual STEAM week event during National Science Week. We also run a variety of STEAM activities in libraries, art museum and performing arts venues.

Learn and be inspired at Lake Mac STEAM – a program for all ages packed full of Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Maths. Lake Mac STEAM Week will return to Lake Mac 14 -22 August 2020. Watch this space for more information.

How does your organisation link with STEM

Lake Macquarie City Council runs an annual STEAM week event during National Science Week. We also run a variety of STEAM activities in libraries, art museum and performing arts venues.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?Through HISH there are opportunities to cross-promote and collaborate on public events to increase the opportuntity for the community to become involved in STEAM

Speers Point, 2284
 Contact: Jessica Dowdell

Science and Engineering Challenge

The Science and Engineering Challenge is a nationwide STEM outreach program presented by the University of Newcastle in partnership with communities, Rotary clubs, universities and sponsors.

The Science and Engineering Challenge provides meaningful, hands-on experiences designed to challenge school students to make a difference in the world by choosing a career in Science and Engineering. We address the take up of science and mathematics in senior high school at its foundations by making science and engineering fun… and competitive! The Science and Engineering Challenge has three main segments; Challenge Days for high schools, Discovery Days for primary schools and the SMART Program for preschool to junior high schools. During Challenge and Discovery Days students compete against other schools in fun and engaging hands-on activities involving principles of science, engineering and technology. Typically 8 schools (256 students) compete in a day. School teams are divided into eight groups that compete in one or two activities. The SMART Program runs in-school science shows and workshops as well as holiday workshops and events for students. The program has offerings for students from preschool to junior high school which are interactive and educational. Increasingly popular are SMART’s computer science holiday workshops which run in the NSW school holidays. Professional Development for teachers is also available.

How does your organisation link with STEM
The Science and Engineering Challenge understand the growing need for STEM-skilled Australians. Through our various programs we encourage students to pursue an interest in STEM and make a difference in the world by choosing a career in Science and Engineering.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?
The Hunter Innovation and Science Hub is a valuable organisation which allows collaborations between local STEM industry, research and education providers to better engagement the community.

 Contact: Michael Cassey

HMRI Logo_col
Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI)

HMRI is a medical research institute delivering health and medical research solutions to improve the health of communities throughout the world.

One person, one family, one community at a time, the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) fights the illnesses affecting lives throughout the world. Our translational research model aligns over 1500 researchers, students and support staff from Hunter New England Health and the University of Newcastle, inspiring new discoveries to deliver a healthier future.

How does your organisation link with STEM
As the regions major medical research institute, HMRI is committed to providing STEM focused initiatives for the community to engage with. From our Public Seminars, Open Days, School STEM Sessions or Laboratory Tours, HMRI values and contributes to STEM education and careers.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?
HMRI partners with the University of Newcastle, Hunter New England Health and the community to facilitate active involvement in research by the community. We are passionate about engaging the community with STEM activities and medical research. We joined HISH to collaborate and grow the STEM initiatives in Newcastle and the Hunter.

New Lambton Heights 2305
4042 0000 

National Statistics Poster Competition
National Schools Poster Competition

In this increasingly data rich world, the project-based learning activity engages Years 3-12 school students to assist their understanding of statistics, the role it plays, the careers it offers, its demonstrable value across all disciplines and accessibility as a pursuit.

The project-based learning activity is a fun project-based learning activity which encourages primary and secondary school students in teams to develop, implement and creatively report upon (in poster format) an investigation on any topic of interest to them. Collaborate – Investigate – Create!

How does your organisation link with STEM
Through the cross-disciplinary practice of Statistics.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?

Callaghan, 2308
+61 2 49 21 5518
Peter Howley

SSA National Schools Poster CompetitionSSA National Statistics Poster Competition

RDA Hunter + ME Logo Lock Up_Colour
ME Program

ME Program equips students with the skills and expertise that will prepare them for 21st Century careers

The ME Program is Regional Development Australia Hunters, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) focused, skills and workforce development program. It links industry with schools in order to make curriculum more interesting and workplace-relevant and provides industry with qualified, motivated and career aware candidates.

How does your organisation link with STEM
The ME Program has been recognised in the National Science and Innovation Agenda as an exemplar for Regional Australia in STEM. Linking industry needs with schools and tertiary institutions to increase STEM participation in the region.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?
The HISH is a great organisation for foresting cooperation and sharing of ideas related to the STEM agenda. The ME Program is one of the major STEM programs based out of the Hunter Region and collaboration is part of our DNA.

Hamilton, 2303
Dr Scott Sleap

Planet Warrior
Planet Warrior Education

Planet Warrior Education provides science programs and resources for children 7 - 15.

Growth on an individual and global scale is fueled by a love for learning. Planet Warrior was created to help children better understand the world around them, seeing life is an exciting journey full of endless possibilities.

Planet Warrior’s programs and resources educate and empower students, of all ages, to learn about Earth and create action for sustainability – now and into the future.

How does your organisation link with STEM

We are a small family-owned organisation. We create innovative, relatable and engaging programs that educate children on the natural world and empower them to make a positive impact.

We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to advancing children’s scientific understanding and developing their scientific inquiry skills. We encourage critical thinking and create a safe and nurturing environment for creative thinking to blossom. We inspire global thinking, helping children to live sustainably on an individual, local and global scale. We proudly support the United Nations Global Goals.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?
Both Planet Warrior and HISH help promote science-related knowledge within the local community through programs and events.

Eleebana, 2282
Hollie Newman

Kide Science
Kide Science Australia

An innovative STEAM approach that educators can use to introduce science to young children - and help spark a life-long love of inquiry.

The Kide Science method takes kids on an exciting scientific adventure to Supraland, where they can discover and learn about scientific concepts through play, creativity and stories. The approach boosts kids’ natural inquisitiveness – and has a positive effect that carries far into adulthood.

The unique Kide pedagogical approach is based on research conducted by our founder PhD Jenni Vartiainen at the University of Helsinki, Finland. We support children’s scientific thinking skills, which predicts better learning outcomes in school.

How does your organisation link with STEM

Kide Science provides STEAM education for 3-10 years old children. We at Kide science help children get excited about science by using play-based learning methods and storytelling.
Kide Science offers STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) experiments involving playful pedagogy with stories. We enable kids to develop curiosity, science process skills, critical thinking and creativity.

Our “Learning-by-doing” approach is based on years of academic research at the University in Finland and how to make science applicable for the child’s understanding.
We want to make STEAM education available for children all over the world.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?Membership of HISH provides the opportunity of reaching a greater audience for STEAM education through programs and activities within the Hunter.

Adamstown, 2289
Katri Sullivan

Children's Discovery
Children's Discovery

We create STEM-related activities for young children and families. We partner with like-minded organisations to reach communities around the country.

We create opportunities for children and their families to engage in life-long learning experiences. Our work is backed by research showing how early interventions, that spark imagination, build children’s confidence, communication, collaboration, creativity and a can-do attitude.

Our discovery spaces exemplify playful learning experiences; from simulated archaeological excavations, to house construction experiences, crawl through giant body parts and perform your own show. Discovery spaces are designed for children and their adults to co-create, co-discover, and experience the joy of sharing a playful adventure.

How does your organisation link with STEM

Our national library STEM initiative sees libraries and community venues throughout Australia being trained, equipped and supported to run science and discovery clubs. These include the Little Bang Discovery ClubBig Bang Science Workshops and collection of loanable STEM-themed Spark discovery boxes.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?HISH provides the opportunity to promote our science and discovery clubs and STEM resources within the Hunter.

Adam Selinger

Kahibah Public School
Kahibah Public School

We are involved in the teaching of STEM to students K-6, encouraging more girls in the field of STEM, and the promotion of STEM across the broader community

STEM learning experiences involve explicit learning and teaching of syllabus content which is applied in project, problem or inquiry-based learning situations that are authentic and contextual.

How does your organisation link with STEM

This is the 3rd year that I have been the STEM Teacher for 14 classes across K-6 at Kahibah Public School. I have a degree in Complimentary Medicine, Primary Teaching and have also worked as a Portfolio Analyst in the finance industry.
My passion for encouraging more girls in the field of STEM goes back to my high school and university days enjoying studies across all the areas as well as mentoring participants in the Robogals competitions. My lessons cater for all students with hands on, engaging lessons within real world contexts. My assessment procedures also allow for students to show their knowledge in many diverse ways – promoting confidence in their ability to demonstrate understanding of concepts. I have fostered students to be critical and creative thinkers and over this time exposed them to learning opportunities in the areas of AR, 3D design and printing, computational thinking and programming skills through resources including iExplore, AstroReality, Lego EV3 robotics, ozobots, edison robots, Minecraft Edu, Tinkercad, Tynker and Scratch.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?

I would like to get more involved in the promotion of STEM across the broader community. Through being a member of HISH, I can help improve the passion in this area amongst our future innovators.

Kahibah, 2289
Jaimie Cook

St Phillips
St Philips Christian College Waratah

Educational facility delivering a variety of STEM initiatives and programs across the college.

SPCC has been involved for a number of years in the STEM initiative, the Hunter Valley Electric Vehicle Festival competing in both in the EV prize and Mini EV Prize competitions.

How does your organisation link with STEM

As part of the Junior School facilities built in 1997, our new K-6 STEM centre takes pride of place. Whether it be coding Lego robots, printing CAD designed products on our 3D printers or racing scaled student-built racing cars down our timed race track, a world of amazing learning opportunities awaits. STEM specifically targets hands-on practical learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?

SPCC has been involved for a number of years in the STEM initiative the Hunter Valley Electric Vehicle Festival competing in both in the EV prize and Mini EV Prize competitions run by HISH and the University of Newcastle.

Waratah, 2298
02 49606600
Leonie Lee

Curious Cubs
Curious Cubs

Curious Cubs offers interactive science programs and holiday workshops for 3-10yr olds, preschool STEM incursions and events across the Hunter region.

Curious Cubs was established in 2017 by Newcastle-based science communicator Erin Bear to inspire local children to develop a life-long love of learning and interest in STEM. Curious Cubs offers a range of hands-on STEM programs for children 3-10yrs, holiday workshops, preschool incursions and community events that nurture children’s natural curiosity and provide ideas and inspiration for parents, carers and educators.

Our engaging experiments and play-based science activities are delivered in welcoming learning environments that encourage children to play, explore, build and discover. Our creative approach enables 3-10 year old’s to develop their critical thinking and inquiry skills as they ‘Experiment with Fun!’


How does your organisation link with STEM

Curious Cubs helps children develop a life-long interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and encourages them to confidently apply STEM-based thinking as they explore and enjoy the world around them.

​Curious Cubs:

  • ​Nurtures children’s natural curiosity and interest in STEM
  • Builds children’s confidence to explore and question the world around them
  • Builds parents’ confidence to foster their child’s natural interest in STEM
  • Complements formal early childhood teaching.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?

Collaboration with HISH will allow Curious Cubs to reach a larger audience within the Hunter region, to work with young children, their parents and families, furthering science and teaching them to ‘Experiment with Fun!’

Newcastle, 2300
0401 624 858
Erin Bear

Office of Other Spaces
Office of Other Spaces

Bringing Landscape Architecture thinking & services across scales.

Bringing Landscape Architecture thinking & services across scales. From the Moon, to Earth Observations, to city design & ‘place’.

How does your organisation link with STEM

By utilising environmental analytics from satellite in near real-time we can under pin city planning decisions with data. Fusing STEM & the built environment towards benefiting natural systems.

Fitzroy, 3065
Thomas Gooch

Newy with Kids
Newy with Kids

Newy with Kids is an online family guide for the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Hunter region.

Newy with Kids is the go-to family guide for the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Hunter region. Parents visit the Newy with Kids website to find things to do with kids of all ages. Whether it’s local attractions, upcoming events, family day out excursions or at-home family fun, Newy with Kids is the best website for local parents to find local kid-friendly activities and information 24/7.

How does your organisation link with STEM

Promotion of STEM activities and events to Newcastle & Hunter families.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?

To support STEM in the Newcastle & Hunter region.

Newcastle, 2300
Reena Bilen

Dynamic Duo Productions
Dynamic Duo Productions

Dynamic Duo Productions is a support group for primary and secondary teachers implementing STEAM and digital technology skills that are embedded in all curriculum areas.

How does your organisation link with STEM

We started this journey with fellow educators in 2019, to deliver regular educator events to build community and encourage projects, pilots and peers with the digital educators and edtech community with the aim of getting more robotics and the maker mindset into classrooms.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?

I would love to present some hybrid community, educator and student events as part of a Week of Robot and AI to be followed up by a webquest for libraries or educators.

Croydon,  2132
Russell Cairns

Newcastle Museum
Newcastle Museum

The Newcastle Museum is committed to being a place for people, a place that shows ideas, tells stories, is a place of interaction. It reflects the past and celebrates innovation.

Newcastle Museum is fun, accessible, light and full of story. The museum tells a story of Newcastle and the Hunter, and through the collection presents a narrative of how we’ve lived and live today. The Supernova and Mininova exhibitions create an interactive scientific and technological learning playground, loaded with excitement and surprise.  The travelling exhibitions present a wider narrative – of ideas, stories and futures.

How does your organisation link with STEM

Newcastle Museum links to STEM through its permanent Galleries – notably the interactive science-based Supernova, as well as historical STEM objects and stories throughout the rest of the Museum.

We host travelling exhibitions from other institutions that are STEM related, such as dinosaurs, oceans, bush mechanics, colour.

We also offer Museum Express – science shows that go out to schools across the Hunter region, as well as STEM education programmes/workshops/events for preschool, primary, aged care and people with special needs.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?

Newcastle Museum is a founding member of HISH.

Newcastle,  2300
02 4974 1422
Emma Best

Children's University
Children's University Australasia (Newcastle)

Children's University Australasia is a broader than curriculum program that encourages a love of learning through fostering curiosity and linking families with knowledge holders in their local, regional and national communities.

Children’s University Australasia (CUA) is an innovative program that engages children and young people in beyond school learning, increases educational attainment and achievement, and encourages and rewards participants for taking responsibility for their own learning. Originating in the United Kingdom, CUA works with community and cultural institutions, supports the development of school based clubs and activities, and provides many opportunities to engage parents and communities particularly in the education of young people. Children can become involved between the ages of 5 and 14 years through clubs, activities and community learning.

How does your organisation link with STEM

Children’s University Australasia (Newcastle) has a STEM/STEAM Coordinator to facilitate the awareness of, and engagement with, STEM/STEAM events and opportunities for communities from Taree to the Central Coast. The CUA Newcastle team shares STEM events, activities and opportunities from various groups across our social media and web portal platforms to link our families and communities with new and diverse learning to support and encourage interest in STEM/STEAM.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?

The CUA Newcastle team became a member of HISH to see what is on offer in the Hunter Region for communities and schools, and to be able to share knowledge, content and events across the CU footprint to make STEM knowledge accessible, fun and engaging.

Callaghan, 2308
Larissa Johnston

Maitland Regional Museum
Maitland Regional Museum

Maitland Regional Museum aims to be an innovative centre in the Maitland region offering experimental and static exhibitions with activities across natural and human history, science and creative arts.

Maitland Regional Museum (MRM) operates out of Brough House, 73 Church St, Maitland, and is open on Saturdays and Sundays 10.00 am -4.00 pm. The Museum hosts displays and exhibitions, which celebrate Maitland’s rich history.
MRM also has an active STEM programme, aiming to bring science related activities and education to our younger members and families. The museum hosts school holiday science workshops, science displays and is an active participant in National Science Week.

How does your organisation link with STEM

MRM has an active STEM arm and programmes aimed at young Maitlanders.

Why did your organisation decide to become a member of HISH?

To become part of an umbrella group to enable the sharing of resources and publicity.

Maitland NSW 2320
02 49334450
Janece McDonald

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