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Our members have recommended the following sites for teachers, adults and children.
These sites are not run by the Hub but contain useful information to further explore STEM.

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Resources from Past Events

Exploring Newcastle’s Coast: a virtual geology fieldtrip

Newcastle has some fascinating geological features. Join us for a virtual tour of the amazing geology of the Newcastle coastline. This public webinar will give you an insight into changing landscapes over 250 million years.

You will discover the vast forests of the supercontinent Gondwana. Hear about the opening of the Tasman Sea. Travel back in time, to the age of the dinosaurs and beyond! This webinar will take you on a virtual fieldtrip – visiting key sites on the Newcastle coastline with local geologists. Newcastle’s coastline presents a unique opportunity to enjoy the geological features along the Bathers Way coastal walk. From Nobbys Head to south of Merewether Baths, the prominent rock platforms and cliffs of the coastline record many different ancient geological environments. These ancient landscapes tell a story of major volcanic eruptions, river floodplains and swamps, plate tectonics, as well as more recent changes in sea level and the natural movement of beach sand.

The virtual tour explains the geological processes that created the landscape the city of Newcastle is built on — from the rocky ridges to the reclaimed land of the inner city,  the use of natural resources by Aboriginal and European inhabitants, and the adaptation of plants, birds and animals along the coast. It highlights how different rocks were formed, and helps the public identify fossils and geological features. It provides engaging and accessible information on earth science for educators and students.

The virtual tour is a collaboration between the Geological Survey of NSW (Department of Regional NSW), the University of Newcastle and the City of Newcastle.

The app NSW GeoTours associated with this event is now available for download. Enjoy.

Take yourself on the Newcastle Coastal Geotrail tour by downloading the free NSW GeoTours app on your smartphone or tablet (Android and Apple).

Key points of interest on each of the tours have been geo-tagged to pop up when you reach the site.

The presentation is now available below or go to here.

“Legal Personhood” to the Moon?

Join this amazing event to hear eminent speakers & experts in their field talk about the ‘NewSpace’ industry in the context of giving the Moon ‘Legal Personhood’. What would it mean to the space industry if the Moon was a stakeholder in the decision-making process? How would nature have a voice? How would we mine or inhabit the Moon in a sustainable and legally appropriate manner?


This was a thought-proving discussion. If you missed it, you can now watch here or below at your leisure

Thanks to our Hub Member Office of Other Spaces

NSW Oyster Reef Restoration Project

Shellfish reefs provide important habitat, forage, and water quality benefits for estuarine fisheries. Unfortunately, shellfish reefs have been almost completely lost in NSW. Oyster reef restoration projects aim to recover these losses. This presentation will discuss project outcomes for recent oyster reef restoration undertaken in NSW.

Shellfish reefs once provided key ecological services in the estuaries of NSW. Unfortunately, these reefs have been largely lost due to historical over-harvesting, disease, and sedimentation. Initiative 1 of the Marine Estate Management Strategy addresses water quality with a clear management action to facilitate and deliver on ground works that improve water quality. The NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy Oyster Reef Restoration Project provides on ground works to restore oyster reefs that aim to improve water quality, biodiversity and fish productivity. Oyster reef restoration is a new practice in NSW highlighting the need for research and monitoring to evaluate project outcomes. This presentation will discuss projects methods and preliminary results, examining fish and invertebrate assemblage responses to oyster reef restoration conducted at Port Stephens during summer 2020.

Science Week 2020 – Port Stephens Oyster Reef Restoration Pilot. New South Wales, Australia

You watch the video presentation below or access it here.

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